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A network of emergency telephones, marked at night by a distinctive blue light, has made the Texas A&M University Kingsville campus a safer place.  By pressing the red button, anyone can immediately summon police, fire, or medical help.



The primary function of the phones is to provide emergency communication from the campus grounds.  They also provide you with the convenience of making local non-emergency calls.


PHONE2.tif (25810 bytes)Press the RED button. The blue strobe light will flash and you will be connected the University Police Department (UPD).  The University Police dispatcher will immediately know your location.  Talk directly into the speaker located in the center of the phone.   Inform the dispatcher of the nature of the emergency and as much information as possible.


Press the black button.  After obtaining a dial tone you may place an on-campus call by dialing the 4 number extension, or a local off-campus call by dialing "9" first.  There is no charge, however, you are limited to a two-minute call before the phone automatically shuts off.


There are 23 emergency phones located throughout the campus.   Click below  to display a map indicating phone locations.

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